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Ocean Explorer actively supports the protection of whales and dolphins and their natural environment. Since October 2012 Ocean Explorer launches a number of research projects in the Caribbean Sea and the east Pacific Ocean on its research vessel “Ocean Breeze”.


Starting around Guadeloupe – Dominica – Martinique, Ocean Explorer carries out a scientific study on humpback and sperm whales in close collaboration with a local organization.


Ocean Explorer and team

Get to know Ocean Explorer and its team.


Whales and dolphins

Learn more about these fascinating marine mammals of the tropical and sub-tropical sea.


Research trips

Ocean Explorer performs scientific research on marine mammals in the tropical and sub-tropical sea with its research vessel “Ocean Breeze” to support the protection of marine mammals and their natural environment. We are in close collaboration with established scientific institutions and regional environmental conservation organizations.


What can you contribute?

Are you keen on actively participate? So join us as a volunteer on one of our research trips supporting our marine biologists in their day-to-day research activities or by donating to Ocean Explorer.


Thank you for doing so!


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