To be a guest with whales and dolphins

Meeting wild whales and dolphins is an exciting adventure. Each encounter is unique and different!


Whales and dolphins are very social beings. They show an impressive willingness to help each other and are curious learners; behaviors, which we can observe while meeting them.


Our research trips offer you the opportunity to experience and observe marine mammals in their natural environment. At the same time, you can actively contribute to the protection of these fascinating animals:


Equipped with binoculars and GPS you observe whales, dolphins and other animals on board of the “Ocean Breeze”. You determine the species and numbers and collect data on their behavior. With a hydrophone, an underwater microphone, you can hear and locate the animals below the water surface, for example the clicking sounds of the sperm whale hunting in the depth of the sea or the famous singing of mating humpback whales.


Are you keen to

  • board a catamaran in the Caribbean Sea
  • observe wild whales and dolphins
  • share an adventure with equal-minded people
  • actively support research projects
  • learn more about the life of marine mammals and their environment


so join us on board of the “Ocean Breeze” for one of our research trips!


Families with children are welcome!


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